MedYacht, a French Success

Neptune Magazine featured an article in its April 2021 issue discussing the trend of day-boats, where Med Yacht is among the 15 influential brands shaping the market. You will also find a dedicated page highlighting Med Yacht's success with the Med52 and more details about the launch of the Med42.


In the increasingly demanding niche of large Mediterranean day-cruisers, few builders have truly established themselves by daring to venture off the beaten path in terms of style. Emerging quietly in the early 2010s, the French brand Med Yacht managed to surprise by successfully asserting its distinctive style.

With its sleek silhouette, high-performance hull designed by Gilles Vaton, and deck plan optimized for maximum enjoyment while at anchor, Med boats are now easily recognizable in the ports along the French Riviera. With two models, 42 and 52 feet respectively, manufactured at the Galeon shipyard in Poland, this French firm has successfully established itself as one of the prominent names in the European market for large open yachts. Their distinctive feature? Sharp, clean, and distinctive lines, almost as if they were cut with precision, featuring nearly vertical planking.

The clever layout of their decks, with only a single level difference, also favors these units capable of accommodating two or three cabins. The customized approach practiced by the shipyard, offering a wide range of choices in materials, fabrics, and layouts, also contributes significantly to the brand's success.

Neptune, issue number 295 - April 2021.