Le Day-Boat de luxe à la Française

Luxury day-boat

Get an exclusive preview of the first trials of the Med42. Neptune magazine dedicated a detailed performance review of this new day-boat in its issue number 299.

MedYacht is expanding its entry-level range with the impeccable quality and competitive pricing of the Med42. This move aims to secure a spot in this highly sought-after market.


After the successful launch of the Med52 in 2016, which has been manufactured in seventeen units, the French brand Med Yacht continues its range expansion with a smaller model, the 42.

This day-boat, just under 13 meters, competes with Fiart, Fjord, Pardo, and other Solaris models. It has been crafted with the design touch of Italian designer Enrico Gobbi, resulting in softer and less taut lines compared to its predecessor.

On the hull, Gilles Vaton remains at the helm, drawing inspiration for the hull design from pilothouses. The prominent V-shape at the bow is complemented by three prominent strakes and a pronounced chine to ensure comfortable sea passage and effective wave deflection.

This hull design is compatible with Z-drive or IPS propulsion, and an outboard version (with 2 x 600 horsepower or 3 x 300 horsepower) is scheduled for October 2021. Manufactured since 2014 in Galeon's factories in Poland, Med Yachts are customizable. The Med 42 is no exception, allowing prospective owners to choose from various upholstery and wood finishes.

Neptune Magazine - August 2021 Issue 299