Le MED48, l’élégance du minimalisme.

MED48 - The Elegance of Minimalism

Open hull, IPS propulsion, extremely comfortable deck layouts, minimalist design...


Here is a boat that perfectly fits the current trend, but it's exceptional as well because this concept applies to a 15-meter-long unit. This allows for immense spaces, such as two facing benches that can accommodate 8 or 10 people, and can be converted into a 2.20 x 2.80 m sun deck!

On the contrary to the layout of the deck, the interior of the Med 45 seems a bit cramped. The descent, located at the command post level, provides access to a kitchen with a refrigerator and storage, a spacious aft cabin, a bathroom, and a small forward cabin. The space in the latter is so limited that some opt for a single cabin. The boat's maximum propulsion is planned for 2 x 435 hp, but judging by the resulting performance (no more than 35 knots), it should actually be considered as a minimum.

Neptune - December 2012.